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Increased security, everywhereSimple operation worldwideWith the mobile application, operation of the Secvest is intuitive and secure from any location. In addition to viewing events such as breaking and entering, fire, emergency alarms etc., you can also arm, disarm or internally arm your system. In the event of an incident, the app informs you instantaneously via a push notification.
Calling up alarm imagesBy extending your Secvest alarm system to include up to six network cameras, you can access alarm images using the app and can respond even faster in the event of an alarm. You can verify alarms at any time in the log book and access to the camera's live stream allows you to keep an eye on what is happening at home.
Push notification in the event of an alarmIn the event of an alarm, you will instantly receive an alert via a push notification. This allows you to gain an instantaneous overview of what has happened and, where necessary, take further action.
Convenient switching of outputsThe app enables you to switch specific outputs. When used in combination with a wireless socket, this means that you can control lamps or other electric devices remotely, for example.
 An overview of the most important functions• View the alarm panel status wherever you are in the world• Receive a push notification in the event of an alarm• Acknowledge and reset alarms• Arm, disarm or internally arm individual sub-areas• Display/hide open zones• Access the network camera's live stream • Manually switch outputs, e.g. wireless sockets• Access the log book• Manage up to three alarm panels at once
Languages available• German• English• French• Dutch• Danish• Swedish• Italian• Spanish• Polish• Russian
Supported devices• FUAA50000/FUAA50010 Secvest wireless alarm system